The What and the Who

GrowthPath was born to address the need I saw, during my journey of many start-ups and small to mid-size companies, of influencing and educating the internal organization (C-suite, sales and product teams) on the role of the modern marketer. The goal of GrowthPath is to define the expectations of the CEO/CFO from their marketing organization and operationalize the path (integration and prioritization across the multi-disciplinary marketing function) at various stages during the growth of an organization.

In the last decade we have gone through major transformations in marketing which started with digital – email and banner advertising giving way to Marketing Automation for more sophisticated and scalable outreach solutions with the promise of delivering revenues cost-effectively.

With changing buyer behavior, digital fugue and the abundance of data, the time has now come for Marketing Automation solutions to give way to frameworks and paradigms that are based not on a single data source but look at a buyer from the perspective of internal as well as external engagement and intent, the fit of the company and content consumption triggers which may accelerate the timing.

GrowthPath Editorials will look at the trends and provide analysis on the ‘gotcha’s’ to watch out for and how to leverage them.

GrowthPath Forums will bring together CEOs/CFOs and Marketing Leaders to discuss growth challenges and how to operationalize and align on marketing and sales effectiveness for consistent growth in a relaxed informal setting.


Sonu  Sonu Agarwal is a global seasoned leader that started her marketing career creating regression models for financial service companies to identify low risk credit card customers. Resident of San Francisco Bay area and having been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, she then moved to working and driving marketing for several enterprise, start-ups and SaaS companies to deliver strong market positioning and revenue growth.

Moving beyond the resume to my beliefs, for me marketing is the perfect balance between Art and Science (left and right brain), Strategy and Execution that drives exponential growth. Maintaining the focus on my 3Ps – Priorities (to map to goals and resources); Processes (tools, metrics and cross-functional alignment) and People (matching and developing skills to goals) is what drives success for companies I work with.

I have 20+ years of work experience in marketing and am a bay area resident living in Pleasanton, CA. I perform marketing audits for companies to help improve marketing and sales effectiveness. For start-ups that are not yet ready for marketing investment, I establish and operationalize the most optimal technology stack so they can build upon a solid foundation (BOT model). For more details on my profile visit my Linkedin page.

In my spare time you can see me walking/bicycling around town and reading my book under our 300 year old oak trees. I would love to interact and respond to challenges that you as a marketer are facing in your roles, so do write to me below and I will respond to your questions.


Companies Transformed

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